Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Week 1


What is digital art?
Something that is created by means of using pacific applications/software/programs
We are focusing on digital painting within photoshop

 Digital imagery that has been created in many ways and processes. From scanning your traditional work in and touching it up or painting it, to sculpting your idea and finishing it in photoshop and of course straight up painting it all in photoshop. 
 The idea of me showing you this, is the way you can integrate between different means of image making and get the results you want, never look at anything as a single way of image making, use everything to your advantage, they are just platforms for you to explore your art even further.
approx 20 images showcasing a range of genres and styles done digitally, from things that look like it was done traditionally to images that are highly rendered and would virtually be impossible to do traditionally. With a few process shots to wet the appetite.

basic advantages and techniques to help the illustrator                 
  • replicates traditional
  • lesser investment
  • mistakes easily fixed
  • results that you cant get traditionally
  • layers - scan bits in to shuffle around, separate    important elements, get varied effects.
  • Before and after of tidying a scanned image
  • fast changes/fixes
  • touch on layers
  • clipping masks
  • able to work more efficientally, especially when d
(show examples of own work,how layers work, mistakes fixed etc)
Basic painting in photoshop
Opening a canvas, going through some of the basic but vital tools whilst doing hand to brain co-ordination exercises. 
(Open canvas, look at PS layout and demonstrate brush/eraser size, opacity, flow etc Get them to copy and do a few excersises to become familiar to using a tablet)
look at the basic brushes most commonly used.
Next week - layers.layer modes, effects, clipping masks etc

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